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Mar. 3rd, 2013 10:27 pm
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 Som RL musing I need to get out of my head before it explodes. Comments welcomed.

So as some of you know, I have a job that sucks. I work in customer service and I make coffee all day. I get paid hourly for a lot of work with little compensation. Well lately I haven't had many hours. I have less than 20 hours a week for the last 3 weeks. This has not been good financially and emotionally for me. I have had to live off my tax return, which was supposed to go towards a new car. Now I am a teacher. I have a license and everything, but I teach theater, which is not really big now (don't even get me started on that). So I am pretty much stuck in this job. Last week I hit my breaking point and not only looked for a new job, but I have now applied for a few positions. I have been at this job for almost 6 years and I am scared of leaving this job but I need to go. Breaking down almost weekly is not okay for a job. Hiring for teachers is in high demand in the next couple of months so I am looking hopefully towards the future. I have tested and received additional Northglenn, CO 80260-6003 plus a few classes to get some high,y qualified statuses. I love many aspects of my job but I feel trapped and boxed into my current position. It is time to get out. Thank you for reading this. Just needed to get it out and think more on my options .

On a lighter note, I have like 4 ideas for fics. Finding time has become an issue now...


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