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Okay my videos finally uploaded. The snow here has been keeping the internet slow so it only took like 5 hours to up load the 6 videos. *head desk*

These I believe are in the order he sang them. I only took videos of the request song and the encore songs plus the extra video from Jillette's set.
Oh My Sweet Carolina

Get Back

As Long as you love me

Killing me softly

Seven Nation Army

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So on Friday, I went to see Kris Allen (again). (What I was invited and it was the LAST NIGHT OF THE TOUR!!! How could I say no??) Anyway, it was awesome because I live a lot closer to Boulder than Denver. Sadly they were delayed starting the show. The guys ending up eating at probably the slowest restaurant on University Hill. It was an awesome concert though.

During Jillette Johnson's set (she is amazing, look up her music) Kris and his band came on stage wearing her coats. Kris looked kind of sexy in his. A blue leather jeacket. Very nice. Jillette lost it. I have the video from it. It starts about 30 seconds after they entered the stage since I wasn't expecting this awesomeness.

 photo KrisSilly_zpsc9b04777.jpg
At the point where Kris normally does the request song, Jillette brought out cupcakes to the group and they sang and played on stage whilst eating cupcakes.
 photo DSC01777_zpsc864a725.jpg

At the end, for his encore, Kris decided to play ALL of the request songs he had done. Since they started late, they only did I think 5 or 6 of them. Still, probably the part that I was happiest to see was that Kris took the guitar from Cale and played a song for us. I know what hand injuries can do to a guitar player (my uncle and I play guitar) so seeing him play only a few weeks after his surgery was really inspiring to me.

 photo 10_zpsad34c017.jpg

Here are some more of my favorite photos from the night. Now I took about 100 photos but my camera is such a piece of crap, only about 25 of them are what I consider as usable, and the rest of the photos I liked were screen captures from the videos. If you would like the link to the rest let me know, they are password protect on photobucket right now.
 photo DSC01792_zps0d2bf6d8.jpg
 photo 20130222_233014_zpsa7e4d070.jpg
 photo 12_zps19e001c2.jpg
 photo 4_zps59b5894e.jpg
 photo 3d9df89d-82cf-426d-b502-b6cf0dd5112a_zpsb327ab58.jpg


Videos are being uploaded as I type so I should have links and stuff up by tomorrow.


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