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 Today I had lunch with my mom. We try to do this once a week, and usually it is very nice, and we can catch up, gossip, and make plans for upcoming days. Today was a little different. I have been having issues with my current job and I have been struggling a lot as of late with staying there. So my mood was not spectacular. We talked for a while about my job and new job options, which can be aggravating on a good day because she rarely offers anything new to my situation, but she is great to bounce ideas off of when I am having difficulties. 

Anyway, we got on the topic of global warming. I had made a comment about how people are using the current frigded weather as prof that global warming doesn't exist. My mom says the whole global warming thing is poppy cock, citing some example from her childhood. I was about to shrug it off, as I only brought it up as a funny tidbit to show the stupidity of some people. Then my mom said she had other explanations as to why the weather is being crazy. She said she wasn't going to tell me, as it was based off her religious beliefs. She is catholic, and raised me and my siblings catholic, but I no longer think of myself as catholic. I have too many issues with the religious institutions of today. 

I waited for a second before she broke down and told me that the recent extreme weather is because of abortions and no prayer in schools. The first thing I wasn't even willing to touch. I am, what my mom calls, an extreme pro-choice person. I honestly believe I am in no position to tell others how to live their lives. So I focused on the second part. I told her I was against prayer in schools. I am a teacher, first and foremost, and I do not condone prayer in schools. Mainly because I truly believe in the separation of church and state. If you want you kid to have prayer, and religious teachings in school, send them to a religious school. My mom asked me to explain myself further and I pointed out that, if we allow one type of prayer, we HAVE to allow every type. Not just a Christian prayer, but Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan, and even satanic prayers must be allowed. 

She asked me to clarify my answer by saying whether or not I agreed with prayer at meal times. I don't care if a student wants to give a quick prayer before they eat, I honest do not care. But school sponsored and led prayers are 100% not okay with me.  I am not going to force any student to say or do anything against their personal beliefs. I wonder how my mom would have felt if I had been forced to say a Buddhist prayer before every meal or right after the pledge of allegiance? Probably not that happy. But it is totally okay with her that we do that to other kids, only with christain prayers on non Christian students.
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 So job hunting is driving me bonkers. I now get to play the hurry up and wait game on a lot of schools I have applied for. Dams is not a position often posted and every person I swear is looking for a drama teaching position. But I have done all I can. Went to a few job fairs, applied for about 20 positions as of today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Neil then, I have been looking for local jobs, just to pay the bills and get me out of my current job. I have been there 6 years and still get treated like crap. My family has even started to mention how shitty I am treated. It pays my bills for now, but I am in desperate need of a new(er) car as mine is over 13 years old and has about 180k miles. Can't do that on my pathetic salary along with student loan payments. 
So I applied at all the Starbucks in town (all 5 company owned ones at least) to see if my six years at a licensed one could rank me a shift supervisor position. I got a call from one and I was super excited. I played phone tag with the manager for about 5 days and I kept things positive. Finally we set a time, right after I got off from my current job. Day of the interview, and I asked my coworker to leave a bit early, to look less like death and all. She let me go like 10 minutes early. I touched up my makeup and headed over. When I walked in, the managered asked if I was her interview and when I responded affirmatively, she commented on how early I was. And not in a positive way. The guy at the counter informed her of the time and I was a whole 3 minutes early. Not once, since I started seeking jobs in high school, has it ever been commented on how early I show up. I usually try to get places 5 minutes early. It's how I was raised and honestly what is expected of you in the real world. So right away I am on edge. I said some snarky comment about not wanting to get sucked into another project at work, I was nervous and sarcasm is my default when I feel even a little relaxed (honestly I thought I had this in the bag with all my experience so I was somewhat relaxed). Cue stink eye and nasty comment, and me flailing to find a response. Once the interview started the lady I was interviewing with, who seemed okay at first, kept the paper she was asking from and writing responses on guarded, like curled away from me, like it held some oh so important Starbucks secrets. I found this odd, but tried to stay up beat. A the interview progressed she started honing in on, and talking to deathsomeminors pointed made. Like so:
Interviewer: tell me about how you create relationship with your coworkers and how are they today?
Me: I talk and get to know them, find common ground and then I hang out a lot outside of work. The girls I worked with when I started, we are still very good friends, some I even consider best friends. The atmosphere is different now, since the economy went down and things are more stressful. 
Interviewer: And now with your coworkers and your relationships?
Me: I am good friends with most the girls and guys I work with, went to one of their weddings and I only have one I have a personality conflict with, but we still are ale to work really well with one another. 
Interviewer: What do you mean personality conflict? You fight with one another?
Me: Oh no. I never try to fight with my coworkers. I know what our differences are so I work differently with her so we can still have a good day, get customers their drinks and go home without any toes stepped on.
Interviewer: But you still have a personality conflict?
Me: Some people just don't mesh into the life long buddies. She and I still work well together. I know her strengths And her weaknesses and I try to work with her to compliment her strengths. I don't try to actively antagonize her. I know what about me rubs her the wrong way so I try to avoid it and focus on how to make the day a good one.
And so on. The interview was about half an hour. I realied after the fact saying personality conflict was a bad choice of words, perhaps personality differences or something. And our root problem, between me and this girl, she doesn't understand sarcasm and takes it to heart so everything I say to her is an insult, and I think she is a primadonna diva bitch who is used to getting her way because her mom is the manager of another department and people bend over backwards to accommodate her (and she's a teen still). But did I ever say thar in the interview, hell no.
Anyway, the interview blessedly ended, and then the manager opened her trap again and said something along the lines of " I am looking at a lot of candidates for this position, so if you don't hear fom me, it means I gave the job to someone else" or in non-manager speak "I hated you, don't expect a call". I thanked her for her time and went to shake her hand, a normal business practice. She barely touched my hand, no pressure applied and withdrew her hand as quickly as possible. Pretty much a slap in my face as she didn't even want to touch me. I walked out in a daze tring to figure out if the business world, outside of education, had changed so much in the years I had been at my other job. I've had some odd interviews in my day, group ones usually, they try to test your ingenuity, and how you think on your feet, but never anything close to this. 
Later in the evening I consulted my friend, since she had recently been interviewing to find jobs, seeing if my experience was now a typical experience. Not so much as it turns out. She and I decided even if I was offered the position, I was going to turn it down. After the last two insults of e interview, I didn't want to work for that witch. Later when my family asked me, I relayed the story, and they whole heatedly agreed. While I am now being treated like crap at my job, that woman was disrespectful and rude. No job from there. So now all my family and friends are boycotting that store because of the interview. 
I have been trying to keep my hopes up and I have decided to try and pursue higher positions within my current job as I have a few friendly coworkers in higher positions who might be able to help me. I am still constantly looking for teaching jobs, hoping for something better. Until then, I guess I'll keep hoping.  

RL musing

Mar. 3rd, 2013 10:27 pm
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 Som RL musing I need to get out of my head before it explodes. Comments welcomed.

RL Musings )

On a lighter note, I have like 4 ideas for fics. Finding time has become an issue now...
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Okay my videos finally uploaded. The snow here has been keeping the internet slow so it only took like 5 hours to up load the 6 videos. *head desk*

These I believe are in the order he sang them. I only took videos of the request song and the encore songs plus the extra video from Jillette's set.
Oh My Sweet Carolina

Get Back

As Long as you love me

Killing me softly

Seven Nation Army

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So on Friday, I went to see Kris Allen (again). (What I was invited and it was the LAST NIGHT OF THE TOUR!!! How could I say no??) Anyway, it was awesome because I live a lot closer to Boulder than Denver. Sadly they were delayed starting the show. The guys ending up eating at probably the slowest restaurant on University Hill. It was an awesome concert though.

During Jillette Johnson's set (she is amazing, look up her music) Kris and his band came on stage wearing her coats. Kris looked kind of sexy in his. A blue leather jeacket. Very nice. Jillette lost it. I have the video from it. It starts about 30 seconds after they entered the stage since I wasn't expecting this awesomeness.

 photo KrisSilly_zpsc9b04777.jpg
At the point where Kris normally does the request song, Jillette brought out cupcakes to the group and they sang and played on stage whilst eating cupcakes.
 photo DSC01777_zpsc864a725.jpg

At the end, for his encore, Kris decided to play ALL of the request songs he had done. Since they started late, they only did I think 5 or 6 of them. Still, probably the part that I was happiest to see was that Kris took the guitar from Cale and played a song for us. I know what hand injuries can do to a guitar player (my uncle and I play guitar) so seeing him play only a few weeks after his surgery was really inspiring to me.

 photo 10_zpsad34c017.jpg

Here are some more of my favorite photos from the night. Now I took about 100 photos but my camera is such a piece of crap, only about 25 of them are what I consider as usable, and the rest of the photos I liked were screen captures from the videos. If you would like the link to the rest let me know, they are password protect on photobucket right now.
 photo DSC01792_zps0d2bf6d8.jpg
 photo 20130222_233014_zpsa7e4d070.jpg
 photo 12_zps19e001c2.jpg
 photo 4_zps59b5894e.jpg
 photo 3d9df89d-82cf-426d-b502-b6cf0dd5112a_zpsb327ab58.jpg


Videos are being uploaded as I type so I should have links and stuff up by tomorrow.
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Fic Title: Across the Universe
Author: phoenix_wrock
Artist: solarbaby614
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,116
Warnings: Slash, vamp!Adam, biting, marking

Summary: Kris just wants to make music, and Adam wants to help him make it. They just need to get past the fact that Adam is not from around here.

Author's Notes: Sorry for the awful summary, I am terrible at them. This is not only my first challenge fic, but it's also the first time I have post on here a Kradam Fic. Please be kind!! Mega thanks to my wonderful beta strghtn_up who came and resuced me. Also big thanks to solarbaby614 for the fantastic artwork that really inspired me. Also, I am using this for one of the squares on my bingo card!!


Over to the Fic
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It is officially halfway through the Nano season and I am stuck, very, very stuck. I have plenty of ideas, just having a hard time getting from in my head to the screen and typing things out. I have a long plot thought out, but I get myself stuck in scenes with no idea how to move on from them, making the story flow easily. Bah humbug.

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Okay, So I have been editing the crap put of this. I even changed the title. So here is the newly edited (draft 2 really) Act 1. My goal with this play is to eventually send it into competitions or try to get a stage reading at the Denver Center for Performing arts. So read, enjoy and comment please!!!!


A Day at A time Act 1 )
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So I have been writng this play for a few months and now I think I am going to start sending it off to contests and publishers. I would like some feedback on the play because I am nervous about sending this off. This play is very personal to me and I want to do it justice. This is just Act 1 I am re-rewriting Act 2 as it felt off. It will be up soon. Feedback is love. 
(Oh and some names were borrowed from my fav fandom but others are  based on real people I know)


Act 1 )


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